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Every day, we learn about the latest and best tips to generating awareness and increasing your non-profit’s web presence. If you spend any time on Twitter or Facebook, it’s almost impossible to scroll through your newsfeed without reading headlines about ways to increase your SEO, connecting on social media, or how to build up your brand.

While all of that information is invaluable, it is important to remember that your story is your most powerful marketing tool. Your story – your mission- is what makes you unique; it’s what sets you apart, and it’s what makes people want to get to know you.


It's time to make room for the #hashtag!

If you’re not including hashtags in your post, you’re not fully utilizing the awesome social power of Twitter. Sure, you’re followers will see what you post, but hashtags allow you to join conversations, attract new followers, and build relationships based on topics of interest.

Hashtags even show up in search results outside of Twitter, meaning that people can type in a hashtag on Google, not just on Twitter, and view your tweets. This can lead to more people viewing your content, even if they aren't already following you on Twitter!


It’s no question that in this digital age, social media is the “popular kid” when it comes to spreading awareness about your organization and your cause. But with so many platforms already out there, and new ones released every day, it can be a bit daunting deciding which ones to focus on.