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At Blondie Marketing, we are dedicated to helping you tap into the power of social media to increase brand awareness, generate and nurture communities, and share your message with engaging and meaningful content.

We want to help you better understand your audience, and empower you to develop an integrated social and digital platform that works! Our customized social media plans provide you with the tools and knowledge to help you achieve your goals, connect with your audience, and promote your brand.

While social media is an invaluable tool that supports brand awareness, it only works if your organization has comprehensive content strategy and the resources to maintain your sites. Social media isn't a "set it and forget it" kind of thing. It requires updates and constant attention and nurturing, and will only be useful with ongoing effort, maintenance, and engagement.





  First and foremost, we consult with you to learn more about who you are, what your efforts are, and what your social media presence is like. We will then do a complementary audit, and report back to you with our feedback. We can then partner with you to help you determine which package is right for you and your organization. We will then work with you to create a custom six month social media strategy to leverage your social media pages as valuable tools for raising awareness and creating and growing a community.


  • Create customized unique accounts that say “Hello world! Here we are!”
  • Increase traffic to your website through social media
  • Provide meaningful content and a consistent posting schedule
  • Monitor your accounts and maintain a positive social image for your company
  • Drive engagement on your accounts to increase interest and generate a following
  • Promote events, announcements, and news through meaningful messaging and consistent branding
  • Help you find connections and grow networks that lead to a more impactful campaign

Go Blonde TODAY with One of Our Service Packages!

The "Kick-in-the-Pants" Package
$150 one time start-up fee*
Account creation on 3 major platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Etc.)
Account security monitoring for 30 days after setup
Account maintenance instructions
*$100 when purchased with a monthly maintenance package
The "Kitchen Sink" Package
$350/per month
Account creation on 5 major platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Etc.)
Up to 5 posts per platform per day
1 yr reputation management
1 yr monthly analytics & reporting
1 yr monthly check-ins
1 yr account security monitoring
Paid Ad campaign management
Find followers network growth


All Plans Include

  • Customized social media strategy
  • Dedicated account manager
  • One-on-one concultation
  • Account security monitoring
  • Social Media best practices tip sheet
  • Log in credentials
  • FAQ's sheet


Our unique social media packages incorporate your logo, organization information, and other elements into the design of your social media channels. We provide you with the account credentials used to create your account, and also include information on how to best use these channels. Let us connect with you on some of the best ways to learn more about your audience, and get to know them!

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