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It’s no question that in this digital age, social media is the “popular kid” when it comes to spreading awareness about your organization and your cause. But with so many platforms already out there, and new ones released every day, it can be a bit daunting deciding which ones to focus on.


I’ve sat in meetings and presentations where it was suggested that to increase your organization’s digital presence, you have to be active on all social media channels. While that may be true for national and international non-profits who have the time and resources to hire a full time designated social media team, most organizations that I’ve encountered don’t have that option. And let’s be honest, it’s incredibly time consuming to be “on-your-game” on every social media channel, every day, every year (especially when you're already doing so much!) The best suggestion I can give non-profits is to find 1-3 social media channels that showcase your strengths (what you already do and what content you have). You don’t need to have a presence on 20 channels; you don’t have to work so hard. We’re talking quality, not quantity, Blondies.

The first thing to think about is your organization's goals. What are some objectives that your organization wants to accomplish? Then, think about some strides you and your organization have already taken towards those goals. Maybe you’ve been around for a while and have experiences and advice to share with newbies. Perhaps you’ve scheduled a number of events or have a ton of photos or videos you can share. These are all important questions to ask before you choose the best social networking tool to benefit your organization. Once you’ve identified your organization’s strengths, and what information you already have, it’s time to find the channels that will suit your voice. Here are my top 5 recommendations for the most effective social media channels for non-profits.


What is it? Twitter is a micro-blogging network that allows anyone to publicly share his or her thoughts with the world. The catch? You have to do it in 140 characters… But you can include photos, links, and use #hashtags to network, build a community, join chats, and form relationships with potential partners.

Who uses it? Twitter appeals to men and woman ages 18-29 and urban residents (data from Pew Research).

What you should post on it? Tips, resources, links to great content, info graphics, news, and support responses.

How often should you post? 2-4 times a day

A non-profit crushing it? Charity:Water with 1.4M followers, they post photos of the difference their campaigns are making, facts, and quotes at least 3 times a day.



What is it? The veteran “all-in-one” social media tool. Facebook let’s you share photos, articles, quotes, reviews, announcements, videos, and chats. Originally, Facebook started out as a personal social networking channel, but has since become a prominent player in professional social networking.

Who uses it? According to Pew, Facebook is especially appealing to females ages 18-29, but 67% of all Americans are using Facebook (data from Pew Research).

What should you post? Videos, articles and resources, news and announcements, invitations to events, photos, and reviews.

How often should you post? 1-2 times a day

A non-profit crushing it? The World Wildlife Fund has over 1.6M likes on their page. They post 2-3 times a day with wildlife facts, articles, and messages of impact that their organization has on wildlife.




What is it? A photo-sharing app that allows users to share impactful images. If you have photos or short 15-second videos, Instagram let’s you share them. It also uses #hashtags and allows to build a community and find supporters.

Who uses it? Those under 35, women (68% of users are female), and those who live in urban areas (data from Business Insider).

What should you post? Instagram users focus on quality, not quantity. Post inspirational quotes related to your organization, post impactful images of your efforts, milestones, success stories, facts, and team.

How often should you post? 1-2 times a day

A non-profit crushing it? The National Wildlife Federation as 20.4K followers, and posts 2 times a day with beautiful photos of wildlife, endangered species, and photo contests.


Linked In

What is it? A professional business networking site that allows users to share their organization’s message and connect with potential partners. Once not an ideal place for nonprofits, LinkedIn now allows users to add causes they support to their profile. Networking with driven business professionals can connect corporate donors to your cause and engaged users for you to court.

Who uses it? Men and women between the ages of 30-55 from urban and suburban areas (data from Business Insider).

What should you post? Your organization’s campaigns, mission statement, photos, goals reached, volunteer and career opportunities, and ways to help.

How often should you post? 4-5 posts per week

A non-profit crushing it? The American Red Cross posts updates, articles and resources, stories of impact, career and volunteer opportunities at least once a day. They include photos and milestones to engage their followers.


What is it? A virtual pin-board that allows users to “pin” photos and articles they like on boards organized by category. You can create as many boards as you want to highlight separate areas of your organization. You can also “repin” other photos and articles, and share with other social media platforms.

Who uses it? 42% of online women between the ages of 18-40 are Pinterest users (data from Pew Research).

What should you post?: Vibrant photos, articles, and engaging info graphics are best for Pinterest.

How often should you post? 1-3 times per day

A non-profit crushing it? Amnesty International has over 22 boards with 11K followers. Their pins include images of fair trade items, inspiring quotes and infographics on human rights. By using engaging pictures to reflect their organization mission and cause, they can inspire visual impact to spread awareness.

With so many social media channels to choose from, remember Blondies that you decide which social media channel is right for you! Whichever platform you post meaningful and impactful content to, in a way that connects with people on that channel, is the channel that will benefit your organization the most. Don't loose sleep over how many platforms you need to sign up for. Focus on two or three and make each comment, photo, article, fact, or quote a vibrant, engaging, and empowering reflection of your organization and your mission!

Hope you find this post useful!

Let me know which social media platforms work best for your organization?

All my love,