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Value your volunteers!

Just like America runs on Dunkin, nonprofits run on volunteers. While a large number of nonprofits are able to recruit volunteers, not all utlizie them effectively.



Nonprofits and charitable organizations use marketing and social media to raise awareness, increase donations, and grow a community of supporters and followers. One of the best ways to achieve these goals is to create unique and exciting content throughout your marketing channels. The familiar phrase, “content is king” essentially means that content is a powerful tool for connecting audiences, supporters, volunteers, and donors to your organization.


Plan ahead and get creative!

In a previous blog post, I addressed how to create and repurpose content for your social media channels. As I was writing, it occurred to me that my next post should be about one of the best ways to stay organized on social media: creating a content calendar that works for your organization.


Enhance your story!

More and more nonprofits, charities, and even businesses are seeing the impact images can make throughout their campaigns. But creating visuals can often be costly, time consuming, and feel overwhelmingly difficult. We've created a list of nine tips and tools for creating visuals that can be used to increase donations, illustrate your nonprofit’s story, and help raise money for your organization… and they're easier than you might think!


Putting the 'fun' in fundraising

Fundraising is a key item in a nonprofit’s marketing plan. Whether it's a smaller event, or major campaign, your fundraising should align with your mission, be successful, and an extension of your organization.

If you need a little bit of inspiration, we've up with seven creative fundraising ideas to help your organization put the fun in fundraising.