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Creating a Social Media Strategy (Without Pulling your Hair Out!)

With so many social media platforms trending, and more being released every day, creating a social media strategy can feel overwhelming and never ending. While it’s true that there are hundreds of social media channels offering competitive and immersive experiences, you can rest assured that being successful on social media has more to do with how you use it, rather than which tool you chose to use.


Measuring & Analyzing your Social Media Presence


You’ve created tactics, strategies, and marketing plans to develop your social media presence and reach your goals. You’ve researched, written documents, and brainstormed impactful strategies and campaigns. But how do you know that all your hard work paid off? How can you tell if it’s working? Let me introduce you to Metrics.


Flaunt What you've Got!


The goals are identified. The tactics are planned. The date is set. Now you just need to get people to show up, sign up, or donate.


Getting to Know your Social Media Audience


Imagine you’re playing a concert. You’re on stage, in front of hundreds of people, but you have no idea what kind of music they like. How do you decide what to play? If you knew what music they liked, and who some of their favorite bands were, you’d be much better prepared to adjust your set list for your audience. It’s the same with social media. In order to connect with your audience, you have to get to know them.



It's all about the Ask!

Talking about money can be awkward, and at times, downright intimidating. The goal is not to convince people to donate; it is to show the value in your service. Once potential donors realize the value you provide, and that your cause matters, giving will occur naturally. The key is knowing how to ask.