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Simple, but not boring!


Too many donation pages suffer from unresponsiveness, clutter, and sometimes unsecure portal issues that deter potential donors. In this blog post, we've outlined six key strategies to revive your donation page.




1. Make it Easy to Find & to Give


One simple, but vital principle of online fundraising is location. Your donation page should be easy to find on your website. A good practice is to feature a “Donate Now” button right on your home page that lands on your donation page. It should be so easy to find your donate button that visitors should see it within 3 seconds of landing on your website.


2. Keep it Visual & Personal


Your donation page should be a continuation of your story. It should inspire donors to give generously. If possible, include an image of your impact. Donors want to know their donation is effecting change. By personalizing your donation page with key figures and success stories, you continue to encourage not only previous donors to continue contributing, but also inspire potential donors to contribute to your cause.

Lastly, make sure the branding is consistent. Include your logo, colors, fonts, and language. 


3. Keep it Short

  You know what’s worse than someone not donating? Someone wanting to, starting to, and then quitting because it took too long to donate. If it takes a donor more than a few steps to submit a donation form, then you’re making them work too hard! It should be easy, and your form should require very few fields.  

4. Make it Mobile


 Your donation page and form should be responsive on a mobile device. Potential and past donors should not have to pinch screens in order to read copy, nor should they have to wait until they have access to a laptop to donate to your foundation. 


5. Thank Donors Immediately

  A benefit of having a custom website is that you’re able to acknowledge your donors as soon as they give. You can create a ‘Thank You’ page that displays right after a donor submits a donation, which can include an impactful image. You can also set up an automatic ‘Thank You’ email once a donor has submitted a donation. Remember to continue to thank donors on the anniversary of their initial donation, and if possible, sending out monthly newsletters with success stories will encourage continued donations.  

6. Subtle Nuances that make a BIG difference

  • You may want to display buttons with preset suggested donation amounts ($25, $50, etc) in your donation form.
  • Have an "other" amount option. Your suggestions may not fit every budget, and you don’t want to limit any donor.
  • Offer a recurring-gift option. This is especially helpful for younger donors who would like to give more over the course of the year, or if donors want to donate on behalf of a friend, or as a gift.
  • Offer additional ways to be involved.

Below are examples of effective donation pages.


  Charity: Water  

Charity Water’s donation page is definitely not boring! They pair beautiful photos, along with a concise message. It’s clean, and doesn’t require much reading prior to donating. Additionally, they state that 100% of the donation directly benefits the recipients of their nonprofit. While simple, this is an incredibly effective messaging. It goes without saying, only include this in your messaging if it is true. 


  World Wildlife Fund  

Not only does the The WWF feature a donate box right in their menu, but they also include an "adopt" button, which still acts as a donation channel for the organization. Once on their donation page, they include options for starting fundraisers to support the WWF, as well as multiple gifting options, from straight monetary donation, to sponsoring an animal, to becoming a member. 



  Project C.U.R.E  

Project Cure has a powerful donation page. They utilize personal photos along with clear donation information. They use donation conversion messaging, correlating donation to impact (“$1 sends $20 worth of medical supplies”). Similar to the World Wildlife Fund's donation page, Project CURE's page provides options for other ways to give, including donating supplies and crowd fundraising.





No one donation page has to be the same as another. Use your donation page to further your story, and inspire your donors to give.


I hope you find this post useful.


All my love,