Music Matters

More than a movie...a Movement!




Music Matters Documentary

The vast majority of American music fans are unaware that the plight of the music industry can be directly traced to an obscure 1960 bill called the "Payola Act." The bill derailed the fledging business relationship between record labels and broadcast industries, stopping any and all attempts at synnergy between both industries. With this groundbreaking documentary, we hope to alert fans and bands about this obscure law, and expose how it has kept good music off the radio. 


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Track Index

1.  Music Industry Fights Progress Throughout History                                              0:01 
2. The Power of Music: It’s Positive and Negative Impact on Society 2:37
3. Elvis Presley: Man of Mayhem 4:30
4. The 1950’s: Decade of Innocence and Ignorance                                                    5:45
5. Rock n’ Roll 8:55
6. Emmanuel Celler’s Mantra: “rock music is race music”  10:00
7. Payola: The Quiet Killer 11:11
8. How Payola Works 11:49
9. Synergy: The Foundation of a Better Music Model   13:00
10. Emmanuel Celler’s Misdiagnosis: “how wrong can you be?”  14:10
11. D.C. Hyppocrites 14:51
12: Keeping it Real: The REAL reason Payola took root 17:32
13. A Productive or Destructive Solution    18:24
14. Dollar Incentives are Ubiquitous    18:49
15. IT in Radio: Why it’s Not a Factor   19:52
16. LMIV and Clear Channel: Good Idea Gone Bad 20:52
17. Record Labels in the Past 23:56
17. The Internet & Record Labels: Empire Undone 25:12
18. Napster's Aftermath: A Catalyst to Chaos 26:13
19. A Fork in the Road 29:45
20. Knopper Knows: Napster was the First Social Network 31:34
21: Copyright: A Missed Opportunity 32:30