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At Music Revolt, we're trying to raise awareness of the real issues that dictate what we hear on the radio, change the laws (e.g. Payola law) that keep good music off of the radio, petition the senate to end fixed pricing of digital music sales among web music stores (e.g. Amazon, iTunes, etc.), and create a community where local fans, artists, venues, and music merchants can connect. Join the revolt!


Ziplogger is one of our ways to connect fans, artists, venues, and music merchants without the need for big labels and tons of money. Who's playing in your town? Where can I get some t-shirts made up for my band? Are there any alt rock clubs around her? It's a simple, free app that shows you the music scene is in your neighborhood. More info
Sign Our Petition to end fixed pricing and collusive practices of digital music sales. Really? Everything costs either $.99 or $1.29? Let's let supply and demand dictate those prices, thank you very much. More info

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