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Radio is DEAD

Why it's impossible to get good music on the radio

Have you ever wondered why you hear the same songs repeated all day on the radio? Or why you can change the station, and hear the same song? It's the result of the monopoly that major record labels have on radio stations, and boils down to the Payola Law- a law that is keeping independent artists off the radio.

At MusicRevolt.org, we are a dedicated group of musicians and music lovers who want to make a positive change in the music industry. We want to raise awareness of the real issues that dictate what we hear on the radio, change the laws (e.g. Payola law) that keep good music off of the radio, petition the senate to end fixed pricing of digital music sales among web music stores (e.g. Amazon, iTunes, etc.), and create a community where local fans, artists, venues, and music merchants can connect. 

Join the revolt!

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